CADAIX's mission is to enable its customers to design, develop and launch new products under optimized technical, quality, cost and time conditions.
To increase their technical performance but also at the level of purchases .
Our core business is therefore to bring businesses, start-ups or 'adult' companies into the virtuous and productive circle of industry.
Whether in a National or International environment.

"It is important to point out that many start-up companies do not systematically use the real partners they need, with the sole idea of ​​lowering costs.
Without the key to experience, it is an error that can be paid sooner or later. Let's do this analysis together and get off to a good start ... "

Engineering and Technology Consulting, which aims at the design, development and industrialization of new products in a structured environment.

The plastics base being our favorite job.


Do you invest in innovative industrial projects?
We accompany you to analyze the viability of the project by evaluating with you its industrial relevance and realism.

And of course, provide answers to the problems highlighted.

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Each project has its own specificity. "You do not develop a vehicle dashboard like plastic cutlery" so it's important to choose your partners accordingly.

Prototyping , mechanical tests , BE, molds and partners for the series , all areas that deserve to be mentioned and chosen seriously.

The references :

Medical (Medical Devices) - Automotive - Sports - Building

The mode of intervention

CADAIX offers a simple mode of intervention adapted to your structure. Entrust us with your project and your need.

A "Consulting" approach is:
  • Perfect cost control
  • A punctual contribution of specific skills.
  • A lightening of the structure of the company.

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CADAIX will also be concerned about the confidentiality of projects. NDA and confidentiality agreements may be drafted.